Monday, May 21, 2012

Sand Gone US and CA ends 6/10/12

Sand Gone

With summer here the call to beaches and lakes has been calling to me, but one of the things I dread is the grinding of sand as I drag it home on my body. I HATE taking it into the car with me. So when I had the opportunity to try Sand Gone I jumped at it.

While I don't have oceans near me I grew up in Southern California so going to the ocean was a huge thing for me. Here in Nebraska I live really close to the Loup River and this section of Nebraska is known as the sand hills... we have plenty of sand everywhere.

My impression of Sand Gone: I love the packaging and the convenient size of the jar it comes in. You can easily stick this in with your lotions and towels. When I opened it the lovely tropical scent was so fresh. I could see my daughter stealing this to use after bath time...but nope she has to keep her hands off this is MINE!

How it works: We did a video so you can see how easy it is to use.
All you do is dab the puff in the powder and it wipes away any trace of sand. It is as the title claims gone with no hint left behind. All you have is the lovely soft tropical scent.
You can buy Sand Gone on their web site it retails for 12.95 plus shipping!
You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

My rating two thumbs up!

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I received this product for free so I could review it. Receiving it for free in no way changed my opinion of this product. I would never say I liked something if I did not. All opinions are my own.