Tuesday, May 8, 2012

RAISE Armpit Stain Remover Review

When I saw the name of this stuff I wanted to try it, I have had to toss out many outfits due to armpit stains so I was pretty excited when I was chosen to receive the product: Raise Armpit Stain Remover.
When it arrived  I was very shocked because it is not packaged very well.
This bottle of cleaner was placed in a bubble wrap bag, then a USPS Priority Mail envelope. (Shown in these pictures).
I noticed the damage to the packaging and thought it was pretty dumb to
put a bottle of liquids in this type of mailer. It should be in a box to protect it better.
The package said received in damaged condition.
And the back showed a spot of liquid on it. I suspected that what ever was in the package had opened up. I was not surprised that when I opened the bubble wrap bag it was very wet. Upon removing the bottle I noticed a dent on the bottle and the cap had come open I also recognized it as the Raise Armpit Stain Remover and thought I was safe because this is a cleaning agent for clothing... right? I turned the bottle around to read the directions so I could use it and prepare for my review on it. 
I know you can not read this, I will write what the instructions say:
Armpit Stain Remover
Ring Around The Collar
Works Best On Stains That Have Not Been Treated With Bleach.
Directions: AVOID contact with surfaces such as counter tops, stainless steel, enamel, metal ,glass marble or glazed tile. Before Cleaning test  a small hidden surface for colorfastness.
                                             1. Lay  garment on cloth, towel or rag.
                                             2. Apply to affected area. rub together 
                                               (on tough stains use a small brush.)
                                             3. Let garment sit for 15  to 20 minutes.
                                             4. Launder according to garment specifications.

Okay at this point I was wondering what was in this stuff and why it could not come in contact with things like counter tops,stainless steel, metal, enamel, glass, marble or glazed tile. Sounds to me like what most people have in their kitchens and laundry rooms. I looked further down, to my shock and horror I see this:

This is all in capitol letters but if I type it that way here I will get hit by spam filters from my mail service so it has to be this way:
WARNING:May be injurious to eyes and mucus membranes contains Phosphoric Acid in case of external contact flush with water in case of eye contact get medical attention if swallowed call poison control center physician or emergency room immediately.
DANGER: Causes Burns which may not be immediately  painful or visible.
CAUTION: Keep Out Of Reach Of Children
Questions Call 888-771-0475
Made in USA
WHAT? OMG I had been sitting there with this stuff on my hands for about 10 minuets already, I had wiped it off with a kleenex and mopped down the bottle but it was a cleaner sent in a cardboard mailer this was not packaged like a dangerous chemical there were no labels or warnings on the packaging either. My son who was trained by the US Marine Corps as a first responder (hazmat) was on the phone with me. When I read this to him he said go rinse your hands and I did, as I rinsed them I knew it was an acid because acids feel slimy when being washed off. As I rinsed, my hands started to burn, and ache. When that happened I became very upset and concerned so after rinsing them at home I went to my doctor and they rinsed them for 20 more minutes there.
Here is what my hands looked like when I got home:
They hurt so bad I could not bend my fingers and 12 hours later they still burn and hurt. I wrote to the company about all this as soon as I got home from the doctors. I told them what happened and that they need to package the item better. I told them I could not give them a good review. This stuff is dangerous, no where on the mailer OR the bottle is there any mention of wearing gloves or special handling. All I saw was them mentioning on the bottle what to do if contact occurs. I was stunned and upset and a bit peeved. When I do laundry and I use a pretreater, I pour it on and scrub it in with my hands! No where does Rising specifically say not to allow their product to come in contact with  skin. They are very clear to tell you not to come in contact with many other foundations, why not skin? I went to the site where I applied to review this product to see if there was a warning there that I missed and NOPE here is what it said:
Product Description

Pharmworks LLC. is offering top bloggers the opportunity to sample and review our product RAISE Armpit Stain Remover 12 Oz bottle ($12.50 value). RAISE is the first ever stain remover to effectively eliminate underarm stains as well as ring around the collar. You will be able to restore shirts to new again.

This product is best used by pre treating the effected area, rubbing together (or using a small brush) and letting it sit for 15-20 minutes before laundering.  

When testing the product make sure to use on stains that have not been treated with bleach as bleach will set making it permanent.

Review Guidelines
If you like the product please include a link on our blog 
Also feel free to use the image uploaded or create your own before and after images
and to mention we were featured on The Doctor's as well as in the upcoming June issue of Shape Magazine 

Please use our full name RAISE Armpit Stain Remover a few times when linking to our homepage. We appreciate the variety of links to our site you create.
Avoid testing this product if the garment has been bleached. Bleach makes sweat stains permanent.
They are careful to mention on the bottle and twice here about bleach use but no where does it say DO NOT allow skin to come in contact with this product. I decided to write Raise and Tomoson (the company I use to get some of my reviews). I told them both that I did not feel I should write a review on the product as it was not going to be a good review. Tomoson encouraged me to go ahead because it is my experience and here is what Raise said to me:

Hi Kim,

We regret that the package arrived in such bad condition. This the first we have heard of this happening and we will be filing a claim with USPS. We understand your reluctance to write a review and apologize sincerely for the inconvenience.

No where in this note does it say we will change the way we ship this item. They imply that it is the Postal Service that is in error for it's handling and not theirs for the lack of labeling and proper packaging and that they are going to file a claim for THEM? What did they lose besides my good review. I am the one that got hurt!  I am very angry about all this and that Raise can market such a dangerous chemical and ship it the way they do. When I take packages to the US postal service they ALWAYS ask if I have a hazardous chemical in my packaging. I don't think that this company is being very responsible and I DO NOT recommend this to ANYONE. They need to  package this in a way so this will not happen to anyone else. I am going to see what I can do to ensure this will not happen to anyone else.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.