Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Thoughts on Affiliate Links

My Thoughts on Affiliate Links.....

While I do post some affiliate links especially in the coupon area, I choose to pass much of them by.  Why? I don't like them, I don't like to feed on my followers and I feel that by posting some of these horrible offers this is what I am doing.

Before I got into blogging and especially before I got into some of these programs I did not understand what they were and what they did. I noticed tons of blogs with the same promotions pushing them and when I checked some of the offers out I got spammed bad by the company. I did not find the great deals promised and I wondered if the blogs were even checking out what they were promoting. My guess is they were not.

Here is my promise to you in regards to affiliate linked offers. I will check them out and will only offer them if I feel they are worthy of being passed on. If it is something I would not use I will not tell you about it. If you take advantage of an offer I show you, I get all warm and fuzzy inside knowing I did something someone liked or could use. The amount of money involved with these links is not sufficient to make me leap for joy so know I don't post to make a dime off of you. That has never been my way and never will be.