Sunday, May 27, 2012

Surprised In Eden


EdenFantasys is one of my favorite intimate sites, a place were I can shop within the privacy of my own home, and don't feel the paranoia that I associate with most adult sites. Such as being assaulted by viruses and questionable pop-ups. I also love that this is an adult toy store I don't have to walk in to.

     I really love their vast selection of beauty products such as bath lotions and salts, bubble baths, perfumes, shower accessories and a full line of make-up. What would be a better way to set up a relaxing evening at home than to wear something comfortable, slick on a new shade of lipstick, and treat your hubby to a candle-lit massage with one of Eden's special scented oil massage candles (or have him treat you).

 I was also intrigued by their line of personal-care products, like beautifully scented after shave for the ladies who might have problems with razor bumps or ingrown hairs such as myself, and are just looking for an alternative. And for any woman out there who has inquisitive kids, or lives in a campus dorm with a roommate, or simply finds it hard to keep your privacy, private and would simply like some alone time. I was surprised and pleased by some of the products they have for women that are discretely disguised. Who would ever be embarrassed at the discovery of of lipstick? Or how about a decorative apple on your dresser? Most husbands are so uninterested in the voodoo that is the make-up box, they would never question the usage of your mascara!
Disclaimer: Eden Fantasy did not give me any samples or gifts to review. They have offered incentives in the form of gift cards should I post positive reviews of their site, products and services. Even so all opinions, words and thoughts are my own. I will never say anything that I do not believe in exchange for any rewards.