Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why Shop At Target ~ Guest Post

Why Shop at Target?

With so many major malls, department stores, and grocery stores in the vicinity of where I live, it used to be hard for me to decide where to shop for my daily needs. That was until I have learned to shop at Target which had pretty much closed the discussion for me. And here's why:

1. Attractive Price Tags - Target offers high-end items with so little interest compared to that of other leading malls. This is one of Target's strongest points, in my opinion. Target's price never fails to impress me; from everyday "economy" grade products up to the highest quality of items, Target is ahead of the pack and never fails to out-price the rest. This alone can keep many shoppers coming back on Target for more.

2. Top-Notch Customer Service - Target openly declares their customer centered approach. And indeed, Target department stores are some of the most pleasant department stores to shop in. The stores feature several lanes  that operate with haste. And unlike other malls, these lanes are seldom unattended. Making shopping at Target can fast and pleasant. And even on peak shopping seasons, Target's lanes do not build up very long lines. I have yet to encounter a supermarket that is as impressive and customer oriented as Target.

3. Well-Organized Setting - Target shops have wide aisles, cleanly organized trays and intuitive building layout that really helps its customers have a pleasant shopping experience. I usually change my mind during shopping and I often go back to one section to the other. Having an aisle that can fit tho carts side by side and an easy to remember layout is really great for me. If you are concerned about a positive shopping experience you should really try Target out.

4. Easy Parking - Though I do not have to drive every time I go to Target, I am sometimes forced to do so when shopping in bulk and one of the reasons I hate driving on malls is parking. However, target is even able to eliminate my hate for this. Its parking lots bigger than that of other malls, have two-way routes and perpendicular  parking for easier parking management.

5. Great Reward System - Target has a truly rewarding reward system. It offers reward cards that have a slightly higher conversion rate compared to other malls. Reaching a certain number of points can give you access to rewards and discounts. On some instances, you can use the points as a currency to purchase other items from Target. And with its lower prices, you are indeed getting a lot, lot more from Target over time. But aside from this, what's impressive about target is the tons of coupons that it regularly gives away which can really give a great advantage if you know where to find such coupons.  With these coupons, I have even learned how to shop using  Target's online store which is also great if you don't want to leave the house (however, I prefer shopping in person). See Target Coupons for more details.