Friday, May 18, 2012

Cancer Cuties, A foundation Worth Looking Into

Cancer Cuties is a foundation run by Christine Dell she sells Scentsy to fund what she has been doing.
We all know cancer hits anyone, no matter the age. But children with cancer is the most heartbreaking of all. As a leukemia survivor I know how hard it is to undergo treatment for these deadly diseases. The thought of a child having to do the things I did as an adult is overwhelming to me. Parents sit by their babies bedside watching them suffer for days, months and sometimes years. They only leave long enough to shower and get back. Usually they sleep by the bed in a chair. What Cancer Cuties does: They offer hope and a little love. Cancer Cuties sends gift baskets to the children and their parents. Toiletries, toys and anything else they can think of that a family may need on the go.

The demand for her care baskets are so great that Christine is looking for other ways to bring in money so she can meet the demand. Christine and Christina hate to not be able to help every child out there. Christina Serrano has been helping Christne for a while and recently joined her team full time. Neither lady gets a dime for what they do, all their time is donated to this foundation. One of the ways they have come up with to raise money is by offering donated items for auction. Please check out the auctions, if you see something you like please bid generously.They also have a wish list, if you have a new unused item you would like to donate for the auction or if you can fullfil some of the wish list or have a sponsor that would like to participate, please contact Christina Serrano at .

Items Up For Auction: