Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nebraska Storms 4/14/2012

 Near York
In Omaha
Norfolk (childhood home of Johnny Carson)

 North  Platte

We were very fortunate while several tornadoes touched down in Nebraska the damage was relativity light.
The residence of Oklahoma and Kansas got it much worse then we did.
Our prayers are with those affected.

We are located in the center of all this. Most of it only minutes from where we live.
 However where I live is in sort of a valley and most of the bad stuff
passes over us. However we have had our share of scares. I am afraid that this summer we are going to see lots of severe weather due to the early and warm spring. In the 18 years we have lived in Nebraska this is the earliest and most severe tornado season we have experienced.

I also want to note to anyone that has never lived in a area hit with hard storms or tornadoes.
The sirens you hear in some of the videos are a warning system and when you hear it the residence of that area should go to the basement or seek shelter.
When you hear that often you only have minutes to respond since they form quickly and hit fast.
The people who stay up to film them who are not professional storm chasers, risk everything and should not
do this

Tornado Alley

States that have been hit by tornadoes