Monday, April 2, 2012

Will It Be You?

One Winner! 
Will It Be You?
Prize List

1) Autographed Dessert Cookbook from Paula Dean

(The Lady & Sons Just Desserts)

2) Autographed picture of Paula Dean

3) Autographed Cook Book from The Neely's


4) Cook'n Recipe Organizer

5) Southern Seam Apron

6) 2 Professional :limited edition pans from Regal

7) 4 Rubbermaid glass storage sets with easy to locate lids
8) 8 piece gourmet cooking set from Sunbeam
9) 32 piece set of Lock & Lock Storage Containers
10) Gourmet Gift Basket from Bea's Gift Baskets

11) Set of 2 glasses from Bottlehood

12) Set of Oneida Silverware

13) Oraganic Spice Gift Bag from Trader Joes