Saturday, April 21, 2012

Super Blake and The Cavity Monster Review and Giveaway! US & CA Ends 5/31/12

Super Blake and The Cavity Monster

Super Blake Books are a series of picture books that are suitable for 8 and under.  My 10 year old didn't take much interest in the book, but my 6 year old daughter loved it! 

Tracy Bickhaus (pictured above) is the master mind behind the Super Blake books. She is a mother of three and freelance writer. She was inspired by her son to create a series of books about a real-life superhero. 

Korey Scott is the illustrator for the Super Blake books, who specializes in children's books, educational material, and funny characters. His illustration's are perfect for capturing the attention of children....and adults too! 

We received Super Blake and The Cavity Monster, the first book in a series of eight. It was priceless watching her read the book and seeing her expressions when she read certain "shocking" to her aspects of the book.  Hannah, being the mother hen she is, loved and took the book to heart. She even took it to school and read it to her class.

Super Blake is followed through many different adventures to mentor kids on how they can be a hero as well. Basically, the message is - You don't have to have magical powers to be a hero.

Super Blake always makes sure he brushes his teeth twice a day. He imagines himself as the great superhero who battles tooth decay (Cavity Monster) and his evil accomplis's Ginger Vitis and Sir Plaque.

I thought that this book was really neat. A brilliant idea, actually. It's a great way to teach children to take care of their teeth. Personally, I wish this book was available a few years ago. It would have been beneficial for me to read to both of my children before their first and "feared" visit to the dentist. Actually, maybe I should insist that my 10 year old son, Jacob reads this. 

What will Super Blake's next adventure be? 

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