Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Making Money on Jingit

Guest  Post                                        Making Money on Jingit
 by  Linsey Enders 

I have attached screen shots showing what my acct is at (that the money is loaded on the card I have I know people want to see you have actually earned money LOL) There is also one showing me attempting to check in and one after I have completed videos.  I don't kno how to embed photos otherwise I would have putthem in their correct places :)
How would you like to earn some extra money buy just watching videos? Yes! You read that right! Make money watching videos! The FREE Money Making Program is called Jingit..
Step 1:
First, You will need to sign up but don’t worry, it’s free! You then will be prompted to link with facebook. You will need a cell phone to sign up as they send you a text to make sure you are a real person.
Note: After you have signed up once you earn 2.00 you can order the jingit visacard (for this they will ask for your social number for proof you are who you are and not cheating the system for multiple accts) If you prefer not to go the visa card route because you don't want to give your social number fear not you can still earn money for iTunes!
Here comes the fun part!
             I already earned $13.00!!! You can watch videos on the website when they are available.
You also have opportunities to watch and earn from your Smart Phone too!

 I have attached a screenshot of me checking into walmart
Right now they are working with the hunger campain at walmart. They have videos you can watch there ranging from .50 to 1.00 each for 3 different videos. These videos can be watched every 24hrs!! 
All you have to do is watch the advertisement!  
  I attached a screenshot of me completing my videos and getting my $13.00 in credits!  YAY!!

This is a guest post, I did not receive any compensation or consideration for hosting this post. I have never visited the Jungit site and cannot vouch for it. However I would never knowingly post anything I knew would be bad for my readers.