Thursday, April 19, 2012

Maestro Classics Casey At The Bat Review with the London Philharmonic Orchestra

Maestro Classics 
 London Philharmonic Orchestra, 
Casey At The Bat
Poem By Ernest Lawrence Thayer

Casey At The Bat is a poem that was written in 1888 and first appeared in the San Francisco Examiner.
But it wasn't really noticed until a Vaudeville performer who was in a pinch and needed to come up with a baseball related performance was handed a newspaper clipping of Casey At The Bat. The rest of the story is history as they say. Casey At The Bat became an instant classic, generations have enjoyed this poem in song, cartoons and recitations.

I love stories that can be like a precious gem, handed down to each generation. I was fortunate to have been able to spend time with my Great Grandmother, Great Aunt, Grandmother and mother. In these modern days with so many offensive lyrics and television programs there would not be much I could sit down and enjoy with these lovely women. They were beyond refined, they were ladies, very proper and reserved. I know that with great classics like Casey at the Bat I could  enjoy listening to this CD with them (which is sort of a guide for me). I also know I can listen to it with my children and hopefully Grandchildren to come. In fact I spoke to my husband about a purchase plan to get the rest of these delightful and beautiful classics.

I love how Stephen and Bonnie Simon explain the origin of the poem and give you a little background of the author. Bonnie has a very charming voice (it sounds just like a Grandmother would want to sound) as she gives her history lesson.Along with the poem which is narrated by Yadu and accompanied beautifully by the London Philharmonic Orchestra the CD is packed with more songs and games on this and there is also a booklet that includes more information, music, puzzles and games.

On Maestro Classics web site you will find an abundance of information about what they do, a kids club and educational materials all to help bring some of the classics back into our lives. I totally recommend this and all of the other CD's in the set. You can purchase all 9 of these very special stories which are available on their web site . If you purchase the entire set you can save $25.00 . They are also available for purchase on Amazon. Casey At The Bat is available on CD or digital download.

Disclaimer: I did receive a sample of this CD so I could review it. However, I would never say I liked something if I did not. All opinions are my own.