Monday, April 30, 2012

Lotus Bumz Review

Lotus Bumz is an affordable cloth diaper system for babies of every age and size.

When I recieved my diaper for review I was stymied. My babies are grown so it has been a long time since I used a cloth diaper and this is what I remembered: You put these things on your baby with pins. I remember sticking my self and sometimes my wiggling baby with that nasty pin. I don't think this system changed much in the 22 years of my life from when my mother was born. After you got this contraption pinned on you put a plastic bag with elastic around the waste and leg in an attempt to keep the liquid in. I don't know how many of you used these and how hard it was to keep them sealed up and if you did not change your baby quick enough there was the horror of diaper rash to contend with.
But one size fit all and that pin adjusted the fit perfectly. I learned how to fold, flip and pin quickly.

When this arrived I was confounded. It looked like a puzzle to me.....
So many snaps and whatgits even diapers are getting beyond my technology.
But when I looked a little closer I discovered these diapers are geared to fit the tiniest of infants to the toddler on the go.
Bottom set of snaps come up to fit the baby in length and the top snaps adjust to width. EASY!

The best part to me is they are wash and wear, these are a pocket diaper you can buy in an array of solid or color prints
The insert goes in the specially designed pocket you snap it on and it is ready to go!
To me they are expensive until you think of the cost of disposables and diaper service.
With these you can launder them yourselves hang them out to dry and you are set, diaper service is convenient because you don't have to wash them but it is costly and the cost of disposables is not only
staggering but also not eco friendly like Lotus Bumz is.. With only a few of these diapers some extra inserts you are set for the duration of your childs diaper days and I would dare say these would last through all your babies.