Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Help the Helpless: Karma Rewards!

Everybody hears it. Karma will getcha', what goes around comes around, do unto others what you will have them do unto you, harm ye none do what ye will. All that jazz, so earn your Daily Karma by helping out a little known furry friend of ours, the rats.
I know what your thinking "rats? are you serious?" and yes, I sure am, did you know that 95% of all scientific experients that are conducted on live test subjects, use rats? Rats are not covered by the Animal Welfare Act, which federally regulates facilties that use live test subjects. Since rats are not covered by the AWA, universities and medical companies don't even have to keep records of the rats they kill in total in a fiscal year. They are injected with tumors and cancers and don't even have to be given pain killers (I will not post pictures for the sake of a family freindly site, be aware any links you follow off this article may have graphic images.) We gain medical knowledge, valuable information to save our own lives at the sake of these poor innocent creatures and we don't even give them painkillers. Rats are one of the only small rodents that demonstrate and react to love, self-sacrifice, and are amazing little mommies. As a person who has owned and interacted with rats for years, I find this sort of disregard for animal welfare abhorable. Recently at Princeton University, a batch of test subjects starved to death after testers "forgot" to feed them. Help the helpless, write to your Senator (many accept emails now!) and ask them to add rats to the Animal Welfare Act, to give them some of the protection a domesticated animal deserves.