Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Girl Can Dream

Sometimes I wish I was wealthy, because when I come across a company that has wonderful products all I can do is daydream about what I would do if I had enough money. Today I have been daydreaming about a remote control park with a speed boat pond, helicopter pads, airplane runways and a car raceway with portable bleachers that you could move from one event site to another. What great fun a person could have if they had an indoor track for winter or bad weather and outdoor for spring through fall.. Then I was dreaming about a dog park with an dog exercise equipment, obstacle course, picnic tables, bone shaped trash cans and pet waste stations. You could have aluminum bleachers and a stadium there also for dog shows.

How did I come about dreaming of all these great things? I stumbled on a great company that sells all sorts of neat things from lawn furniture to playground equipment. You know the kind of fantastic play islands with the jungle gym and all the fun stuff. They even had all the stadium seating that I was dreaming of. The kind they use for outdoor events that has to be stored so it folds up and rolls away neatly. I was surprised that they came in any size you can imagine needing.

I am amazed at the variety of dog equipment they carried and was especially impressed with the pet waste stations they came in any shape size or material imaginable. You can even purchase the refills for the bags from this company.. I personally think that small towns and villages should invest in them. Having these stations periodically on corners and in parks would be a forward thinking community in my book. Maybe people would be more respectful with their pets. It is so frustrating to go out and have to clean up other peoples pets messes or worse yet go to the park and all the nice spots are soiled.

So I dream of all these wonderful ideas, and one day maybe I will be able to  make some of my dreams come true. And I know exactly where I will be able to get the things I need when that happens!