Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Smart Bones Review and Giveaway

I have 4 dogs and they love treats. I regularly buy them rawhide bones and pigs ears and they love them I had no clue that they may not be good for our dogs, after all they sell them at the stores! So when I read that many veterinarians are concerned with potential health risks because dogs are eating rawhide. I took notice. I wanted to know why raw hide was bad for them. What I found out was that raw hide bones were invented 50 years ago and that today 7 out of 10 dogs are being given them. Veterinarians are not only concerned about the dogs ability to digest the rawhide, which in theory is undigestible and will soak up fluids and grow larger in the dogs digestive system. The type of chemicals used to treat rawhide dog treats is also a huge concern, as the chemical used include bleach, lye, lime, and in some countries, arsenic. If it could be dangerous to you to even be handling these "treats" why would you want to feed them to your best friend? As Scooby says "rut row!"
Smart bones on the other hand are 99% digestible and are made out of chicken breast and vegetables. While my dog Casia will eat anything including some pretty disgusting stuff the little dogs are picky when it comes to certain things like rawhide and the pigs ears makes their gums bleed because the leather is so sharp. When I showed them the bags of Smart Bones I got their attention pretty quickly, and when I opened the bag, they got a sniff, I had all them around me in a flash, dogs and cats. The small dogs took them and devoured them as the landsharks will ,even the fussiest of the bunch ate it up. I want to keep them on hand because the milk bones just are not doing the job. We just paid a lot of money to get Tinkies teeth cleaned. So I have been looking for something that will keep all of their teeth clean. I tried brushing their teeth daily..It's one of those been there done that moments I like to forget I tried.

For the little dogs I received chicken minis, they were big enough to satisfy them and for the big dog they gave me the large peanut butter flavor. She gobbled them down with no issue at all. I was amazed at how the little ones especially did not stop chewing until the bones were completely gone. This is truly amazing because I am always finding a treat stuck in a corner because one of them wanted it out of sight,
I can't say that rawhide is good or bad for your dogs. I can say that my dogs loved the smart bones so for me the proof is in the pudding .You can read more about Smart Bones on their web site , where they sell them. I also found Smart Bones on Amazon..

Oh and you know they have to be good when the cat tries to take a dog treat away from you!

Smart Bones is offering 2 of my readers each 2 bags of Smart Bones!
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Disclaimer: Smart Bones did provide me with a sample of their product so I could review it. Even so I would never say I liked something if I did not. All opinions are my own.