Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Nemesis

My Nemesis 
By Kim Davis

She is who built me, made me who I am.
She destroyed my innocence, stole my freedom, my youth.
She  is the crusher of spirits.                                                    
The epitome of hypocrisy.
Her blood runs with evil and she calls it good.
Her mouth flies open with lies and she calls them truth.
Her personality changes like a chameleon to hide what she does not want you to see.
Fire burns in her soul and the smoke is filtered with smiles.
You may not notice the heat at first but it is bubbling there, constant and true.
They flock to her until she burns them again and again.
She is not sorry for she feels she is justice incarnate.
The torment she has caused will not let my soul  rest until hers is gone forever.