Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Life and Times.

Often things change rapidly in my life and I know it is this way with most people. I have happily settled into my empty nest and decided it wasn't so bad. However, the kids are moving back home... so now I am at that, now what? phase in my life.

Increasingly parents are having to take their grown children and often their off springs entire families back in their homes. But this is not as uncommon as it seems to us. The children fleeing from the nest is something quite contemporary.. Before the modernization of the Western world families often lived together their entire lives. Grandparents would watch over the home and children while the sons and daughters planted the crops, gardens and tended to the animals.

So is society going in a full circle? Is the economy going to force us to stay closer to each other and live like they did in the past? Maybe! I just know my heart is content knowing my chickie and her rooster are coming to roost here for a while!