Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lego Friends

Has anyone seen the new Lego Friends they have in stores now? Well you may have also heard about the amount of controversy that surround these new toys. LEGO is under attack by thousands of parents who seemingly are outraged that these toys are steered for girl's, and even find it offensive. The gender distinguishing pink blocks and female figurines with such features as a salon, pet shop and stylish home. Personally I think that if Lego Friends, is offensive, then how has Polly Pocket and Barbie survived this long? If all people want is gender-neutral toys then there would really be not many toys. Have you ever heard of the parents that raised their child-gender neutral? After 5 years they have finally revealed "the Infant" (as his parents referred to him" Sasha to be a boy. But as I read about little Sasha it does not seem to me that they are raising him to be specifically feminine. Encouraging to wear feminine clothes and having him wear the girls blouse uniform to school.