Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kims Recipe Box ; Cucumber Spears

With the gardening season coming on pretty quickly I have been looking over my recipes to see what I want to can and do this year. My shelves are empty and calling out for fresh stuff.

So today I found one of my family favorites Canned Cucumber Spears. This is not a pickle in the sense of what you may think a pickle should be. When I make these I purposely let some of my cucumbers grow too large because I want the white meaty part and not the seeds.

Cucumber Spears
1 Gal cucumber spears (peel and cut your cucumber in half scoop out the seeds then slice your cucumber the long way). Some people like to cut them in rings it doesn't matter I prefer spears.

Put them in a large bowl or bucket (non metallic)
Cover them with 1 cup lime and 4 1/2 qt water then cover the spears

Let stand for 24 hours, drain and wash them 4 times

(some people like to soak in ice water for 2 hours I don't do this & it doesn't change them)

1/2 c vinegar
1/2 oz red food coloring
1/2 tsp  alum
Combine all then pour over cucumbers in a pot add enough water to cover and
simmer for 2 hours then Drain and discard the solution.

Bring to a boil:
1 c vinegar
5 c sugar
1 c water
4 sticks cinnamon
small package red hots
pour over the cucumbers

Let sit for 24 hours
Either pour the solution into a pot and reheat it
Remove the cucumbers from the container or pot and reheat it.
Pour it back over the cucumbers and let them sit. (repeat for 3 days)

Then pack the cucumbers in jars and cover them with the syrup.You can stick the cinnamon sticks in
the jars with the spears if you like.

Then you seal and can them in a hot water bath: 10 minutes for pints, 15 minutes for quarts (don't over process or they may go soggy!)

They will store on your shelves for a long time. You are supposed to use them with in a year.