Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gustafer Yellowgold's Year In the Day Review and Giveaway

Multi talented singer, songwriter and artist Morgan Taylor brings to life Gustsfer Yellowgold and his friends in his new CD and DVD A Year In The Day. I enjoyed celebrating a years worth of holidays with them and I especially liked Pancake Smackdown. Although I am afraid that my daughter got some bad ideas from that one! Staring with New Years Gustafer slides into each holiday with ease,  a twist and often pie. I don't know why there is pie, but it seems that Gustafer really likes pie because there is pie in almost every song.

I sat down with my family to watch the DVD and while each person has their own taste in music it was a hit in our home. My son who is a music major didn't care for it too much but he is really into more of a classical feel and sound. My husband, daughter and son in law loved the music, I found Morgan Taylors music to have a Beatles flair.We all agreed that this music was completely mellow and would work great as a cd or dvd you could plug in at nap time, your kids would easily be lulled into slumber listening to it.

I was especially enchanted with the bonus features.There is a karaoke version and Morgan also offers guitar lessons. But what I really liked was his video on the making of  this animated feature. Hanging around his neck was his infant son, I have to tell you when I saw his child happily hanging there as he composed my heart was completely won over.
Plus, the full range of talent that Morgan Taylor and his wife offer was truly exposed in the bonus feature. I was entranced at the ease and beauty of his flawless drawings. And how easily they were able to adjust and tailor the music until it was perfect. It is amazing how much of the Taylors actually went into the making of this CD/DVD. 

I would buy this music for anyone of any age that likes a little whimsy and a lot of fantasy in their lives
Gustafer Yellowgold A Year In The Day gets two pies and a pancake from me!

Year In The Day
New Is The New Old
Keep It Simple Sweetheart
Pancake Smackdown:
Four Leaved Clover
Midsummer's Son
Werewolves Rock
Pumpkin Pied
Fa and a La

Gustopher Yellowgold wants to come to your home so he is letting me giveaway one of his CD/DVDs!
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Disclaimer: I did receive a sample of this product so I could review it. Receiving this product for free and the promise of being able to give one away did not alter my opinion of this product. I would never say I liked something if I did not. All opinions are my own.