Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Factoid: 15 minutes of Fame

A few people who got thier 15 minutes in the spotlight....
News Headline: "Clinton Burger Bites Back"
in 1994 President Bill Clinton visited Mr. Charlie Shaw's deli in London, Ohio, where he was served a specially made "Clinton Burger", a well sized beef pattie with cheese, bacon, mushrooms, onions, and a secret special "Clinton sauce". Mr. Shaw and his burger made headlines across the nation. Unfortunatly for Mr. Shaw, he also garnered attention from state health officials, who discovered that he was operating his own business while collecting disability benifits from a previous job-injury, and that he was operating without a food-service permit, both of which are federal crimes. Mr.Shaw was arrested and indicted on state-fraud.

News Headline: "Ouch! Blimp Ball Takes Bad Bounce"
Joe "Mule" Sprinz, a catcher for the San Francisco Seals, caught 5 baseballs dropped off the Tower of the Sun (450 feet), at the San Fraciso World's Fair in 1939. An agent witnessed this and was impressed. He asked if Spinz would be willing to catch a ball from 1,200 feet, dropped from a Goodyear Blimp to break the world record of 555 feet. Two of Sprinz's teammates stood with him to witness his feat, but after the first dropped ball broke a bleacher seat, and the second buried itself into the stadium soil, they backed off. When the third ball was dropped Sprinz claimed to have been watching it as it fell, but honestly would have no idea how fast it would be going. Traveling at a speed of 150 mph, the ball bounce off Sprinz's glove and slammed into his face just below the nose, smashing his jaw and knocking out four teeth. Sprinz spent 3 months in the hospital and had chronic headaches for 5 years. He recovered fully and continued his baseball career. He earned his place in the Guiness Book of World Records for the highest ball catch...ever "attempted".