Friday, March 2, 2012

Everyone Has A Story

Before you become annoyed and click the delete button , unlike button or get the hell away from me button. Keep in mind that everyone has a story. There is a reason for everything. Take me for instance, when I had chemotherapy it affected my thought process and sometimes I can type things that seem perfectly okay at the time but when I look at it again, it doesn't make sense or, I misspelled a bunch of words. I try and try to fix it only to upset a bunch of people, hordes flood out thinking I am just a pest when in truth I am not trying to do anything other then fix a word that won't get fixed.If it were up to me and if I could get the reviews without thousands of followers I would be happy and content with the 40 friends I started out with. They were all I wanted and we had fun. Some days this is not so much fun. When I get nasty notes from people, when they make me feel small. Or I feel foolish because I corrected my mistakes so much I see 100 or more people leave my fan page. I am just a simple girl who is trying to have fun, share joy and give a little back to others because through my illness people have been very kind to me. I can never pay back the great debt I owe to so many. I owe for the years my life has been extended and the time I have had with my family. So if I don't make sense or I try too hard to make it right and I don't get the wright, write, right word out the first time, simply hide the mis- postings and forgive me.