Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Edge Tie Dye Review and Giveaway Open to the U.S. and Canada!

The Edge boasts that they offer 90 different items with 80 different patterns, This means that each and every item in her stock she can make 80 different ways. Oh My GOSH, I could go nuts in her inventory! I would go in and never come out, this girl would be lost in my tie dye fantasy!

I was thrilled when Jill the owner and operator of The Edge told me that my readers rocked and she wanted to do another event as soon as I wanted to. When I sent her a note asking if she still was interested she answered immediately OF COURSE! YAAY! So then I had to decide what to review and I have to tell you my heart felt like it was going to burst I wanted it all! But I didn't think She would go for that so I decided I wanted to get a dress but even they were all too cool and I was stumped.
I want to stop a moment and tell you that what The edge produces is unique, with tie dye there is never two pieces that are exactly alike. It is very hard to achieve her beautiful lines and colors without mucking them up and making them look like mud. Ask my daughter she can not do it and she has tried, a lot. Jill is a master at her craft what she makes is wearable art, her color patterns and style are flawless. In person they are so much prettier then even these pictures can describe. And in my opinion they reflect her personality which is full of sparkle and beauty.

What I ended up choosing was the long 100% rayon tank dress, I loved it's style and comfortable look. Summer is coming and this dress has a cool casualness about it that you can wear anywhere. Put a little shell jacket with it and you can even wear it to work. Originally I had chosen the same pattern shown in her online store the sunset rosebud. However when I saw a dress she made someone else in blue flame, I asked her to make one like it for me, and I was not sorry I did. When this dress arrived it took my breath away.It was stunning, the vibrant colors swept me off my feet and I fell in love with this dress immediately. I was stunned at the difference between the subtle earth tones of the one she has in her store and the vibrancy of the one she made me.This dress is a head turner and no matter where it is worn people are going to ask where I got it.The most wonderful part is I am going to be able to tell them knowing that she will be giving them a dress as beautiful as mine because her work is stellar. Jill is so proud of her work that there is no way she is going to put her name on anything that is second rate. And I know that if it isn't right she will make it right, because these are pieces that come from her heart and every item she sells carries a part of her. That's how it is with artists. Jill makes her fabulous fashions, for men, women, and children plus she has socks, beach towels and a whole lot more!

Let me tell you a little about rayon and why her work is doubly impressive. Rayon is a funny material, it is super strong when dry it is like a tissue paper flower when wet, you can literally stick your finger trough it without trying and Jill is able to create her masterpieces flawlessly. She was careful to send information about rayon and it's care with the dress.I noticed right away that the material was very soft and smelled wonderful. I could not be more impressed then I was with this dress.
Jill Loves you so much that she is giving one of you a GIFT! You can choose anything out of her inventory up to $40.00! If You Choose a T-shirt or something of lesser value she will allow you to pick 2 items as long as they do not exceed $40.00 for instance 2 Tee shirts.!

You Must Be Fans Of Bloggity Blog and The Edge To Enter! The mandatory entry is Easy Peasy! All you have to do is click enter and that is it, the rest of the entries are optional, keep in mind that the winner will have to go to our Facebook pages and say they won, and if they have to like us to do that then they are not our fans and will not receive the prize. 
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Disclaimer: I did receive a sample product from The Edge so I could review it, however that did not influence my opinion in any way. I would never tell you I like something if I did not all opinions are my owm.

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