Monday, March 19, 2012

Didja know...??

There's 5 candy bars from history that most of us never knew existed.
The vegetable sandwich bar. a 1920's "health" bar, this candy concoction contained cabbage, celery, peppers and tomatoes. It's makers claimed the bar would "aid digestion" and "would not constipate".
the Sal-le-Dande bar, the first candy to be named after a burlesque stripper, named Sally Rand, whose "fan dance" at the 1933 World's Fair shocked the nation.
the zep candy bar, the "sky-high quality", one of many candy bars that capitalized off the popularity of Zepplins in the 1930's. this candy bar featured a picture of Graf Zepplin on the wrapper. the Zep Bar was taken off the market after the Hindenburg was destroyed in 1937.
the chicken dinner bar, one of the bestselling bars you;ve never heard of. It went on sale in the 20's and stayed on the market for almost 50 years. the original wrapper featured a roast chicken , a bizzare way of suggesting it was a nourishing meal and encouraging consumers to associate it with prosperity. Sperry Candy Co. (the manufacturer) had a specially made fleet of chicken shaped Model A trucks to deliver the candy.
seven-up candy bar. Older than 7-up the beverage, the seven-up candy bar got it's name from having seven different connected peices, each with a different flavor center. The bar originated in the 1930's, before 7-up started bottling soda, so Trudeau Candy Company owned the rights to the name. Eventually 7-Up bottling company bought out the candy and retired it, so they would have %100 rights to the name.