Thursday, February 23, 2012

When You Don't Anymore

Everyone knows that divorce is not easy, it's brutal. When your family starts to unravel and you feel like you are out of control. Like the world is crashing down on you and you need help. I went through this with my husband. Outside sources created such horrible pressures on us that we started bickering and poking at each other at home. Soon we were not even civil. That's when we decided it was time to separate. Once that happened we were headed to divorce court. Looking back I can see all the mistakes we made and if "do overs" were possible I know we both would do it all again, but differently. However, there are no do overs in life or very few anyway. If you find yourself in that sad situation and you don't know where to turn, then it's time to find a family lawyer someone that has experience in family matters. Someone who will protect you.

Sometimes you can prevent fall-out at the end, if you have premarital agreements, but most of us don't think we are going to need them. I didn't. To save money we used the same lawyer, she didn't care about our hearts. The whole process was cold and sterile. It was a slice and dice. We were in and out of court so fast it was confusing. One minute we were husband and wife the next we wandered out in the hall single and bewildered about what happened and what to do next. We didn't even say goodbye to each other, but in court we watched each other and cried. He was the love of my life and I had no idea how we got there. We should have used a compassionate firm like Barrie Family Lawyers to help us and guide us through this very hard process.

They specialize in family matters and know how difficult it is to come to agreements with child or spousal support, division of assets and child custody. They know when peoples hearts are hurting and that there is so much anger that they can not see things clearly. When they can they use mediators, who sit down with the couple to try and work things out They listen to both sides and help them communicate, so a fair and friendly agreement can be made. There are other services that they provide including; marriage contracts, cohabitation and separation agreements.