Wednesday, February 8, 2012

UPS My Choice, Why I love it And Why I Will Never Live Without It Again

We had a horrible winter last year, there was snow on the ground from about October 15th through mid March. Normally we have warm days between the cold snowy ones when the snow would all melt off and 40 degrees Fahrenheit felt like summer. But not last year, we had one snow on top of another and the temperature rarely got above zero.

Everyone stayed inside trying to keep away from the frosty breeze that came and stayed with the cold. It was on one of these cold, desolate days that UPS delivered a very special gift. It was an award from my husband's  job, valued between $200 to $400 dollars. His company did not require a signature on the box and with me upstairs ensconced in my office not only am I not able to hear anyone knocking on the door but the bell is pretty useless also. Plus my  four legged sentries were tucked and rolled all around my feet, so there wasn't any extra precautions to strangers on this day. The driver arrived and the driver left, leaving the precious package at our door in the 2 degree winter wonderland. I was home and did not know.

We waited forever for the prize to arrive, days turned into weeks, too many weeks and I told my Mr. something had to be wrong. So I called the company that handled the distribution of gifts for the Fortune 500 Company my husband works for. Not only was the gift shipped they had confirmation it had been safely delivered. From that  point on it gets hazy I spoke to so many supervisors and managers at not only UPS but the shipping company that I simply can't  remember names of any of them anymore. No one knew how to handle my problem, nor did I get the feeling  that they wanted to. All I knew is the package never arrived, we didn't get it, and I was home.

 Once we discovered the package was gone we went out and dug through the mounds of snow hoping it topped off  the stairs and was hiding in one of the piles, no luck. We looked suspiciously at our neighbors, because no one would be walking around on a day like that, someone saw it delivered, snuck over in broad daylight and took it. 

After what it seemed like years and a million calls. Finally, someone somewhere said just send her another one because this girl was not giving up. And they did! I like to think that this was the beginning of UPS My Choice because I got a call from the shipping company, the UPS regional manager and the local supervisor all alerting me to the pending delivery. Then the driver waited for me to get to the door.

Soon after that to my delight I received notification about UPS My Choice, I signed up for it and now I know when UPS is gonna come calling. I get alerts two days before packages will be delivered. Now I can wait down stairs and between the doorbell and the dogs I never miss a delivery. If I am going to be gone all I have to do is ask them to hold the package for me until a date I know I will be home. It's that simple, customized delivery, no more sneaky neighbors ready to snatch another prize from my doorstep. 

You can also become a member of UPS My Choice it's easy to do, just go to this site and sign up then you too can customize your deliveries to fit your life. My little 90 year old neighbor used to watch for packages when I was going to be gone, now she doesn't have to because all I have to do is  go on my computer and log into my account at UPS My Choice, sign in with my name, user name, password and address then electronically authorize UPS to deliver them to her instead in fact I can have them deliver my packages anywhere I want. I can electronically sign and have them leave it at my door if I want or hold it for me. In my opinion this is a much better way to receive parcels.

Even though this post is UPS sponsored content, my story is true and I really do love UPS My Choice. Thank you UPS for such great service!