Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Site For All Us Crafty Folk

I love crafts and am okay at embroidery and a few other hobbies. I love to collect quilting patterns and have a dream of one day finding someone that will actually help me make my first quilt and teach me how to use a sewing machine. My mom tried but at the time my mind was not on task and all I did was break so many of her needles she banished me from ever touching her sewing machine again.

My husbands cousin makes beautiful quilts and I bought the kids home made quilts from a lady in town and they were very expensive.I belong to a couple crafting/quilting clubs and sites but I am always looking for more. Since I know so many of my friends and family are also avid quilters I thought I would post this Craftsy site that I found. For my friends and family in Canada, France and the U.K.  this is a worldwide site so you can enjoy it also!

They have daily deals and on line classes which is what got my attention, they have them for all levels  from beginners to advanced. They have knitting which I know my daughter will like and crocheting which we both like, jewelry making and even a free one on making hand dipped CHOCOLATES!. When I was looking around I saw some pretty good deals on fat quarters and jelly rolls and yarn ( even organic like I am fond of).

But the coolest thing I think is the block of the month club, I have seen others that charge to do them
but on Craftsy it is free, Amy Gibson who is an expert quilter is the online instructor. The blocks are posted on the first of the month and for 10 months they give you 2 blocks and teach you how to do them, the last two months they focus on finishing the quilt. Yeah I am going to be looking into this. I have my daughters sewing machine still. I read that the classes are filmed so you can watch them anytime and they are interactive and you can ask questions.