Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Of Storks and Strings and Sealing Wax, The Memories of a Mom

      Posting those pictures of my son today really made me nostalgic they took me back to when I brought my babies home. They were so tiny and fragile, boy was I scared. Especially with my son. I wanted to protect them and I wanted  to show them off. I still have their first baby blanket , the one I brought them home in. It's so soft and beautiful. I got an extra special blanket to bring them home in because I secretly wanted people noticed my babies and coo over them. People seem to like newborns a lot. I suspect it is the same for other women also. We don't want our babies in the blankets hospitals use to swaddle them, at least I didn't, gosh were they ugly and rough! Plus they have had untold numbers of babies in them before ours. I couldn't wait to be able to dress my children for the first time, wrap them up in my own soft, cuddly baby blanket. I wanted that blanket to make them feel safe and secure.  I wanted it to feel like they were wrapped in clouds because they were my angels.

      My son had  a special baby blanket; he would not admit it, but it was  but it was his security blanket and when it was no longer cool to openly carry it, he kept it tucked under his pillow. It was there until he graduated from high school  and he only gave it to me when he left home to go into the Marine Corps (tough guy I know!). I suspect the only real reason he packed it away was because there was no way possible to have it there anymore. But I still have it, it's tattered and torn, only half of it remains from the many adventures he had with it. I tucked it away in a drawer. One day they will find it and maybe it will bring a smile to my sons face again.

      While I was looking around today I found a some very  beautiful baby blankets online, man they were unique. When I was a young mother all we had were plain Janes, with maybe a duck or two printed on them. But these are amazing. Any mom would love them.  I saw so many baby things that it made my heart ache, I want a baby in my life again. My daughter is married now and I keep throwing hints but they are not catching them! Do you think if I started to buy them items for a nursery it would get me in trouble? Hmmmm...