Monday, February 20, 2012

How Should Christians Present Themselves?

When I get upset sometimes I dwell on things and this is a sore that has festered for some 28 years it is time to pop the boil. I am going to rant some and I hope I don't lose followers because I do this. I welcome opposing thoughts but be nice about them. I enjoy a good debate as long as there is no name calling or mud slinging.

How should  Christians present themselves anyway?

This situation with Jayce is something that is bothering to me. The blogger entered the giveaway to glean information to try and expose a baby as a cheater. She would not respond to emails from myself or the mother about the situation, yet she wrote all over my fan page about her views. When I went to her blog not only  did she have  screen shots of my blog on her page she had them on her Facebook wall as well. Boldly calling it cheating (But taking other peoples posts with out permission and publishing them was okay). Then I went on to read on her blog, she had many scriptures plastered all over. In fact there wasn't much on this blog that hadn't been cut and pasted. How can we tell? She had colored background and all the little white stripped lines were a pretty good tell.

So this festering thing I have came up again, Christians and how they do bad things hiding behind the Bible.  I have experienced the Christian sharing tongue and the united backlash of  some false and some true rumors about me. I have experienced closed doors because it wasn't Christian cool to know me anymore. I carry anger in my heart because of such strong and ugly Christian love.

Their hearts are cold and black,  they wave that I am human and I have faults banner, like forgiven means yeah do it over and over and that umbrella is going to save you.

I was told as a young woman by my pastor to take the I love Jesus sticker off my car. WHY? I was a speeder, I loooooved to drive fast. But that sign I had said I was trying to be Christ like, would Christ break the law intentionally? He said "Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's". So no he would not break mans law unless of course if it was trying to stop Gods laws. But my driving  with that sign was saying I'm a Christian and I don't care about the law. I took it off because  I was giving the wrong impression of what Christians should do.

I recently saw a famous comedian do a stand up on: God isn't through with me yet. It started off okay but the further into his tirade he got the darker and uglier his message was, always falling back to the old God isn't through with me yet. He had thousands in the audience and how many more the video reaches is unknown to me, I can't even fathom enough to guess. But Jesus was not in that message and maybe millions of people are going to watch that. 

I have seen forgiveness in the Bible and I have seen how we are to teach people about sin. No where have I seen that we can hand out our own justice or that we have the right to be vengefulVengeance belongs to God and God alone. 

I have scars that just won't heal from the Christian tar and feather gangs, and no amount of praying for forgiveness for me or them will make it go away. The seed is there and every time a Christian is mean to someone else unduly that old wound opens right up on me. 

I don't wave a Christian banner because I feel my walk with God is between him and I and the fruit of my actions is going to tell people if I is or if I isn't anyway. My message here simply is watch what you say and how you say it if you are flying those banners. People are watching and just because you prayed and asked Christ into your life does not make you better or more special then anyone else. You have absolutely no right to think of yourself as justified in your holy ugliness. Calm your self down and send a note maybe you can get a clearer understanding of what that person is going through and how you can help heal their hearts.