Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Day That Won't Stop!

      Today is one of those days that just keeps piling one issue on top of another for me.First I had a sponsor unhappy about those little blue lines ( I wasn't to pleased either but the same group sponsored them). They told me how to block them on certain posts. It did not work , I worked on that issue for FOUR hours. Finally I took the code out that put them on my site in the first place. I know they will complain that the code is gone but who do I want to make happy?  Okay so then I went to the site that I got the code from and could not remember my password ( this is an increasing and annoying fact in my life) and I did not send it to myself in an email meaning I was sure I would remember it but my mind is like an empty box on this one. 

      THEN, I get an email, I was supposed to have a giveaway posted last night and if I did not my blog would be removed from the form....I don't remember this either. I did not make a file for it and I don't remember signing up, I may have even paid and I have no clue about any of it. I had to be approved to the group and get the code pronto and fix the issue.I need to slow down and start doing it right. 

I have not posted a single thing on here today but started to several times.Because in the mean time I asked for the missing password to be reset and they said check your mail box so I did, it did not come in but this message did : 10/10/11 FROM ME to: and all of my emails disappeared when it appeared. So I contacted my mail server and they got all excited referred me to security and told me to run an anti virus and change my password! OH MYYYY

So this is how I have spent my day... how was yours?