Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentines Day In The Land of Eden

I promised you that I would give you idea's for Valentines Day because I am a romantic at heart and I love being all dreamy eyed you know, hearts and cupids on Valentines Day.
So this is going to be a recipe for romance and all things cupid. A tutorial for those men out there that just need a great idea.
Some guys get how to sweep a woman off her feet showering her with all sorts of romantic gestures but face it those guys are few and far between. Most guys like to eat, scratch, drink a beer and watch T.V. That's why I am doing this tutorial, girls all you need to do is print this out and stick it in their lunch box.

Guys come here and listen up, Valentines Day is almost here and you need a great idea for a romantic evening filled with fun. She will be shocked you remembered and you will be rewarded in the best way. I am going to tell you about Eden Fantasies, it's an adult toy store but it has a lot more then just toys. Eden sells romance, luxury and day dreams. Most ladies want their men to take the initiative but if you're like my hubby you just have no clue what to do.

When I browsed the pages today looking at all the neat things they have, I could see myself lost in a romantic date, Your lady comes home from work and you are ready, the kids are at your mom's. You have soft music playing, scented candles burning, you take your lady love and lead her to the bathroom. The tub is filled and floating in the water are heart shaped candles , rose petals and the water is softly scented with bath salts. You have sweet, sensual honey powder waiting and a lovely outfit for her. Beautiful but fun lingerie, a sexy dress and shoes. You tell her to relax, bathe and then get dressed, you have more surprises.
Then you slip away to grill a nice steak, or maybe some seafood. You serve it with a lovely salad, a twice baked potato and chocolate covered strawberries for desert. You're chilling a nice wine (sparkling grape juice for non drinkers). On the table are flowers, they don't have to be roses just fresh, her favorites. When she joins you it is all ready the table is set the food ready. You eat, then you take her in your arms and dance, remember how it was when you first met? You couldn't wait to get her in your arms.

Then you're ready to head to the bedroom. You snuff out the candles, the dishes can wait... on the bed you have more flower petals the lights are low, and the music soft. I leave the rest to you and your imagination. If you need more ideas you can visit Edens Fantasies and browse through their pages, they have anything you can imagine needing. Plus, they are having a great sale with over 700 items at 70% off and 30% off on lingerie. Make her wildest fantasies come true this Valentines Day and let Eden help you with 25% off adult toys and massage creams. I even saw a giveaway for an iPod touch and a free item with purchase! Looks like Eden wants to make your Valentines special too!
Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
* This link is to Eden Fantasys home page which does show adult toys and items
Disclaimer: Eden Fantasy did not give me any samples or gifts to review. They have offered incentives in the form of gift cards should I post positive reviews of their site, products and services. Even so all opinions, words and thoughts are my own. I will never say anything that I do not believe in exchange for any rewards.