Monday, January 16, 2012

The Truth About Vistaprint

I have seen people pushing Vistaprint so much that I decided to check them out and see what it was all about.
What I discovered was that they offer a lot of  free items all you need to do to get them is pay the shipping.And right now if you take advantage of their special you can get the 250 cards with free shipping for 10.00 sweet deal!. They are also offering 250 business cards and a rubber stamp both for free but with these you have to pay the S&H  I am going to take advantage of this offer I think.

As a Blogger I like to put one of my cards in the gifts I give out. Also I pass them out when I am out and about in town, because I like to have local followers so the 250 free cards will go pretty fast. I discovered Vistaprint has a few free samples if you type free in the search box. I checked out the calenders and designed one to see how hard it is to use their system, it was effortless. I love free things and I love sharing them when I find them!