Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things I send for

I have sent off for so many freebies, samples and offers that my home is filling up to the brim.
It all sort of hit home today when the new Zappos Culture Book Arrived This book has a 19.95 price tag on it and the Zappos company filled each and every request they received for their book.
When it arrived and I looked at it, I scratched my head and wondered why I ordered it.
Not only did I get it, I sent it to my children and a couple friends that asked me to send them stuff  when I find neat things.... I do get really neat things like that bottle of Mio and the basket filed with full sized products. If I put all the stuff I got for free with in the last 6 months in one place it would be hard to fit them all in a picture.

But I didn't even know what Zappos did or offered and I sent off for a book that apparently has no meaning to anyone other then the people that work for Zappos.....

Time to re think the Freebies I think.
I have toned down my requests and it seemed to me the good stuff has trickled to a crawl.
Personally, it is a shame to have them spend the money and send me a 20.00 book, which I have no use for and other then looking at all the neat activities this company did, why waste their money on me?

While I promise to offer everything I find to you, this girl is making a late New Years Resolution, to order nothing I can not personally use or someone in my family can't use. 
Girl Scout Promise