Friday, January 13, 2012

A Story So Remarkable I Had To Share It

           I do not know who the author of this story is. This story was sent to me
via the internet email. And Tom sends me tons of stuff, but this one is incredible so I wanted to show it to you. The photos are dated 11/19/2011 but since they are
supposed to be on the Snake River and the guy is in shorts and sandals my guess is they were taken sometime in summer or early fall.
I say this for anyone unfamiliar with the area, because this river winds down from Washington State to Wyoming and November is sort of cold to be hiking in sandals, although I have seen people outside in shorts with snow on the ground. This is done because after a few below zero days 40 degrees feels like summer. 

The Story I received:
Some one walking by the Snake river saw something strange float by in the Snake river so they fished it out. 
It was a 

  It was a Falcon with a snake wrapped around it, the snake had a death grip on the bird and was squeezing it. Effectually knocking the bird out of the air and into the water. 

My guess is that the Falcon snatched up the snake,and was going to make a meal out of it but the snake was able to wrap itself around the birds neck which made the bird unable to fly.  
It seems to me that the bird did not have long to live and if this good samaritan 
had not happened by it would not have been able to free itself. It looked pretty bad here.
The finder said that the snakes tail was actually tied in a  knot around the birds neck and it was constricting it pretty good.  
He said that neither fought him, I am thinking that it was because they were both pretty busy, the snake on the attack and the bird trying to live.
The bird looks pretty gone here to me. The snake also had a bite on the birds leg and would not let go.
He ot the snake loose and got it on it's way. It looks pretty displeased here. 
 He got the water out of the falcon's lungs by turning it upside down he called it          birdie inversion technique. I am thinking this person knew a little about rescuing animals. Or that falcon was pretty lucky that it worked.
He stayed with the bird until it was almost dry and ready to try flying. 
Amazing story of survival on both the snake and the birds part.
I think the snake would have won had the hiker not been right where he was supposed to be.