Tuesday, January 17, 2012

S.O.P.A. and P.I.P.A. and Why I Am Joining The Strike!

                                      An Editorial

I am not a lawyer and I am  not a politician I do not know all there is to know about these bills this is an Editorial and my opinion only.

My daughter got all hopped up about S.O.P.A. the other day saying it had been passed so I went looking and discovered that it was shelved before Christmas and is to come up for debate on the 18th of this month (tomorrow) I am unfamiliar with P.I.P.A. but I assume they are both Anti-Piracy bills while I don't like flagrant theft of services and people black marketing illegal copies of movies I believe these bills have more teeth then they want to admit to. With S.O.P.A. they can claim just about anything you are using is copy written and shut you down instantaneously, with out due process or notification and they can bring  you up on charges. The mysterious they would be our Government, the supporters are trying to say that this is for offshore piracy and they want to go outside our country to catch these thieves because they are hurting our economy. But when has any country had the wright to pass laws in their country mandating what other countries allow or disallow in their boundaries? Wouldn't that be something for the United Nations to consider? Would this be something that they would even want to consider? 

S.O.P.A. goes further then that, it gives our government the right to hunt anyone down they deem as a online pirate, this could be any sort of shareware, pictures or posts they could shut down sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Bearshare, private blogs,public blogs the list goes on and on. They could say the coupons and freebies I share are copy written and shut me down. I know corporations like Capitol Records, Time Warner and other media giants lose money to people gleaning a few songs off the internet for free, but really when have you seen a CBS executive applying for foodstamps...or Angelina Jolie for that matter. How many of us can take 6 kids and jet around the world constantly? And did you see the house that the Spellings built? Come on they make enough money where this is not hurting the bottom line and if they want to make more money this girls marketing strategy is not to charge more and make good people crooks. It is to lower prices enough where they are filling the seats in every movie house for every showing, that would do it. Lower the prices for the CD's and DVD's so that people can easily buy then over coping them. I for one would rather have the original anyway. 

There have been shows I wanted to own and have called places like Disney only to find out they are not available for purchase and have been instructed to copy them off the Disney channel the next time they aired. Would this be considered piracy? After all I did not get permission in writing, how can I prove someone representing this great company told me to? 

Many people are talking about it, mostly complaining but Wikipedia is taking these bills to heart and for 24 hours starting at midnight tonight will be going black in protest to the piracy bills being debated now.What can you do?
First Tell People, Second Call your Senators and Congressmen and tell them to VOTE NO on them, you are the ones that can make a difference. We have Ben Nelson in this state and we let him know how displeased we were when he did not listen to us, he is not running for re-election he would not have won if he did. We do still have the power, let them know you know it.

To me the truth is this is about control, they want control of the internet and they are trying to figure out how to control you and I more and more. Total dominance and total submission is all they want. Where are the flower children of the 60's and 70's that fought so hard for the American people?
Guess what it is their generation in power now.... think about it.
I am joining the Black out and Bloggity Blog will not be operational  from midnight tonight. until 8 P.M. tomorrow night.

The examiner says that S.O.P.A. was killed but Forbes says it is not necessarily dead....

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