Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rock It Review

Some people say I love you with diamonds and others with roses, most say it with a box of chocolates. They are all very traditional and nice, but are you like me? Do you look for a truly unusual and unique ways to say be mine?

Well I am going to give you some ideas in the next few days on what you can do to make your day truly special. 
I want to introduce you to the Rock It  Speaker by OrigAudio

Shaped like a big pill this powerful little speaker packs a wallop of fun and sound.
Not only can you surprise your love with a fun new speaker
but you can get really creative when you do it.
Watch our video:

Imagine having the Rock It stuck on the bottom of  a box in, a box, in a box  playing a love song
as  the one you are giving the gift to has to go through layers to get to the final gift.
Maybe you could record yourself saying something special.

Or proposing and having the rock it and a nano sized mp3 player stuck to the bottom of the table or the ring box, but the thing about that is you want to make sure that it
it will play the ring box we used was fuzzy and the speaker would not stick to it.

We really had a great time playing with the rock it.
This is a great gift for anyone at any age and I
know that my kids ( in their 20's) all want it . I think that if they were 
younger they would have even more fun with it.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Rock It
or want to order one for yourself  check them out on OrigAudio,
You can order it there and they do accept PayPal as a way to pay!