Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Newdle Review and Giveaway Open To U.S. and Canada! 54.95 Value!

 You have heard me talk a lot about how much pain I have been in since I contracted Leukemia. The pain is so much a part of my life sometimes I don't notice it anymore. When it is so bad I can't take it, I bug the Mr. to PLEASE massage me. Which he is not very proficient at and never very happy to do.
So imagine my delight when I received the Newdle to review. I bet your saying NEWDLE? I don't blame you so did I when I first saw the word. This is a Newdle: 
The Newdle is a device designed and shaped to replicate the shape of a hand in order to help give you a great massage. When I read about it I perked up and paid attention. What I love about the Newdle most is the simplicity of it. You can use it alone and it only takes minutes to go through my daily routine. However you can also get someone to help you with a more thorough massage. In a nut shell this is how it works, I place it in various spots on my body and applied slight pressure. I only left it there for  about a minute before I moved it to another spot.

 The Newdle is designed so you can even take it to work! How great is that? Sit , work  get paid while getting a massage all at the same time? WOW!

Watch this video and see how easy it is and how great it works:

<--Sitting you can use it  at work or while watching television ( I like to do it when I am relaxing) when I use it I start with my thighs and move it back to my bottom then my lower back where it always hurts then up to my shoulders and finally to my neck. Sometimes I rock a little to get the full effect of the massage And when I go to bed I put it under my thighs and move my knees back and forth, it really helps to ease my sore muscles.

There are various sizes that help massage in different spots some people buy multiple Newdles so they can benefit from it to the fullest. When I told the designer about my illness and pain, she told me that she has worked with doctors and that she was sure this would help me if I stuck with it. And I am going to. I was also sent these exercises to use with the Newdle. Which I have been doing everyday since they were sent to me. I am feeling like I am a weight lifter, my arms were tender at first but now the are more limber and the exercises don't hurt nearly as bad.

That's it! How easy is that to do, but I have to tell you that because my body is so out of shape and so tense it hurts sometimes after I do them, it is getting better as I do them more. The key is to not give up and to keep going. I am starting to feel the difference when I use the Newdle.My daughter gave me a full massage this weekend and it felt so good using the Newdle I was massaged on both sides of my body at the same time . 
          It is amazing how easy it is to use yet how well it works. I really have felt the difference after just a few days. 

If you would like a Newdle of your very own you can get it at  www.renewdle,com
I know you will love yours as much as I love mine. 
Renewdle has generously offered to give one of my Bloggity readers a Newdle of their 
very own. so if you are feeling lucky you can enter to win your very own Newdle

To enter all you need to do is give me your name and email address, the rest are optional so you don't have to do them if you don't want to. The more you do the better are your chances of winning.

Warning! I do check and verify each and every entry. If you say you did something and you did not your entry will be void. It would be a shame for you to win and not be able to claim such a lovely gift. Also, please check the junk box in the email that you use to enter my giveaways it is easy to miss a notification when it accidentally is sent to the junk file.You can also add bloggityblog@hotmail.com to your safe list to ensure notification delivery.

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Disclaimer: Renewdle is Sponsoring this  reviewand giveaway, they did  provide me with any considerations to offer this to you. I am not receiving nor am I going to receive anything in order to present t a sample of this product so I could try it and give my opinion on it. I did not have to review this product or offer a giveaway on it if I so chose however I deeply believe in this product and I wanted to arrange this review and offer this great product to you. All opinions are my own.