Thursday, January 26, 2012

For The Love Of Your Lifetime

Have you EVER wanted a Special Gift? The one to say I love you just the way you want it to? Let me introduce you to The Love Book, I made one of these books for my husband.


As a combination Christmas and Anniversary gift This book was a huge hit with the whole family, it became a special project as I told our story. My book ended up being 100 pages and I was shocked because building them went really quickly. I could have kept going and you know what.. They would have let me make as many pages as I wanted while there is a minimum of 20 pages THERE IS NO LIMIT on how big you make it. Plus you can make your book a hardback like I did or you can make it a paperback, so you can pick the one that fits your budget! 

And if you act right now they are offering  20% off  on ALL Love BooksJust use the code VDAYSALE12 at checkout this code is valid through January 29 (Midnight EST)

S0 why do I keep telling you about this? I am sold on them. I saw the tears in my husbands eyes and he looked through his book. The book I designed, built and gave to him. The book my children are going to want to keep when we are gone, it's the story of us. Oh and the books can be duplicated so I can make one for each of my children!

Because I am so sold on them I wanted to do three things. One was to give you another great idea for Valentines Day, another  was to show you how affordable this gift is and the last was to show you what you can do and how easy it is to do it.
Imagine filling your book with Love Coupons there are pages of them already made out all you have to do is add them to your book, but be careful!
When you give a coupon you have to be ready to redeem it at any time!
How about a big Valentine? A cute way to say Be Mine!

You have so many choices and you can design your page any way you want!

Plus if  there is anything in particular you really want and it is not there all you have to do is ask they will make it for you! They have so many tools and tutorials that there is no way you will mess up, this is going to be exactly as you want it!
What a creative and unique way to say 
I love you, will you marry me?
 From choosing the front cover:
To designing my pages the tasks were incredibly easy and all my own, no one else has a book like mine. No one ever will unless I choose to make them one and that is what I truly love about The Love Book  It's my love that fills my book and no one can change a single part of that.
So If you have someone that Married you for your Jello
 Or they have a secret Ninja       Maybe they dance through their lives like my husband                  does.
 You can tell them you know and that you love them for it.  Do it this Valentines Day and see for your self how fun it is to do, how affordable this gift is and how priceless it will be to your whole family.

It costs nothing to go and design your book. You don't pay until it is all done so what do you have to loose?