Monday, January 16, 2012

Doctor, Doctor

I just signed up with The Doctors Health e-Bulletin and I wanted to tell you all about it, because of my health issues and experiences over the years I love alternatives. I want to know what is happening and I want to know about new products, I especially want to know about a more natural way to be healthy. This news letter offers a way for me to keep up with things. I like the convenience of having it come to my email and not having to go look for information, for me it is another great source to go to to compare what I know, think and want to know a little more about.

This sort of goes along with the post I wrote a couple days ago and the importance of knowing more about what they are giving me and other non chemical choices that will do the same thing with out the adverse side effects. My doctor treats me with herbs and supplements when he can because I told him I don't like to be on so many medicines. So the fact that  Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin.  offers Bel Marr supplements is also an added bonus for me.