Saturday, January 21, 2012

Do You Like Playing Games and Winning Prizes Too?

I love to play games and especially when I can win something neat from the game.
MyCouportiera has invited Bloggity Blog to participate in a very special event! From January 23rd through January 27th MyCoupontiera is hosting a daily SCAVENGER HUNT! How fun is that Anyway?
Plus, each day there will be one full sized Tree Hut product given away!
Can I Play Too? 

Tree Hut has a line of products designed to pamper your body from shea body washes to sugar scrubs. You will be delighted with the indulgence, so come with us to the land of Tree Hut, a place that was made especially for of you.

Tree Hut is available at Walmart but if you can't make it there join me here on January 23rd for a fun I love scavenger hunts!