Sunday, January 29, 2012

Deal Alert!

I have been wanting to get some rubber stamps because I have an annoying family member that changes their address to ours to avoid, bill collectors, tax information and various other assorted mailings for themselves and our deceased relatives. I have written on the envelopes, forwarded them back to where they belong, refused them did an address change at the post office and still the mountains of mailings keep coming. So today after accumulating a medium sized box full of these mailings I went looking for rubber stamps and I found these at a great price!
I designed and ordered 3: 
I know the deceased seems extreme but I have notified the companies,
called and refused letters but because I am not the executor they won't talk to me.
So I am going to stamp my way to freedom, they will have to pay for the return mailings :)
maybe then they will stop. I have my magic marker all ready to block out my address and the bar code.
I think I will get one made for my blog also and that will be much neater then my handwriting!
To get yours you can go to:
This is what I paid for 3 self stampers including shipping!
You sent a payment of $15.93 USD to
Plus they have teacher stamps and various holiday stamps for about 6.00 each!

Disclaimer: I did not receive any samples or considerations nor am I going to receive any for
posting this information. I simply found a great deal and I am telling you about it.