Thursday, January 19, 2012

Become Is Becoming One Of My Favorites

When my kids moved out, I gave them my livingroom furniture with the idea that I would be able to buy new stuff for my own home. Over a year later I find my livingroom filled with my patio furniture because my husband said I could not buy new stuff until our cats were declawed. I saw his point because most of our furniture has become glorified cat posts. How do you control that with out declawing them? The only problem is that once you do this to a cat they have to be house bound, no more outdoor adventures for them.We finally got that completed with all three cats. So now I have been window shopping and day dreaming on how I am going to make over my livingroom area.

The area I am filling is quite large and I thought that light, airy, cool colors would not only suit my personality best, but make the dark colors in the woodwork pop. Since I am ready to look I want to make it easy on me and have an idea of what I want before I go out to get it. I am so excited because I found this great site where I can search for anything I want like these lovely irridescent, aqua drapery sheers that I thought would be nice, soft and fluttery with an elegant valance and panels for privacy.What about one of these armless loveseats won't they add a modern touch to an old house with beautiful woodwork.I can tell you now that I am going to have a great time designing my dream livingroom, sorry kids but there is something to be said about no more children at home.

While I was browsing I thought about the many packages I sent yesterday and my makeshift address labels plus the tape I used to seal my envelopes and packages. They looked a little tacky and I want to look more professional so I did a search for perforated labels.I found a wide array, I could easily use them to ensure my envelopes stay sealed. I found shipping labels, business cards and many other items. I can tell that this site is going on my favorites list.