Monday, January 16, 2012

Ways I Earn

Are you like me always looking for ways to make a little extra money? Money in this house is sometimes so scarce that I wonder if we ever had any. I dream of winning the lottery or finding an anonymous bag filled to the brim with small unmarked bills. I know it will never happen but it is a dream. That's why when I come across sites that offer ways to bring a little money into the house I am always interested, InboxDollars is one of those sites.

With Cash Tasks on InboxDollars I can earn cash rewards everyday by completing any of the available tasks for that day. Some of the tasks are identifying the content of a photograph and sometimes it is completing descriptions for products and services.There  a lot of ways to earn from each task , I have to complete all the requirements and what I write has to make sense and be about that particular task, but it isn't too hard. The best part is I get credited the same day I finish the task. Plus every InboxDollar member can do every task that is listed on their Cash Tasks page. Some tasks have multiple activities and there is no limit on the numbers of activities I can do. I also like that they take the task off my list when I am done with it so I don't get confused and how I can keep track of what I have earned and how many of the offers I have completed. It is a pretty easy way for me to get a little extra money.