Friday, December 16, 2011

World News

The Iraq War (or War in Iraq) began on March 20, 2003 with the invasion of Iraq by the United States under the administration of President George W. Bush and the United Kingdom under Prime Minister Tony Blair. The war is also referred to as the Occupation of Iraq, the Second Gulf War, or Operation Iraqi Freedom by the U.S. military. The war was formally ended by the U.S. on December 15, 2011, although sporadic violence continues throughout the country.
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I read this and took the poll.... do I think it was worth my family and my son's life no. 
My son was a Marine and he suffers from his experiences there ( he went twice)
yet if you ask him, he would tell you that he saw a lot of great good being done and he does not regret his service over there. He regrets the great number of good men and women
that gave their lives. He doesn't like the manner in which we left, but he doesn't think we
were wrong in going and that we did not do a lot of good while there. I guess that it is what they that went think that is most important and not we that stayed home think. They pay the price not us.

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