Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I had someone from Canada slam me because of my post She said I was prejudice and that just because I was white (as was she BTW) that I was not a better person nor a better parent. I challenge you to tell me where in that post I said  either. The facts are that in this town. there are more whites then Hispanics yet 90% of the time the arrests are of Hispanics. I grew up in a neighborhood that had about 85% Hispanics with a mix of Blacks, Asians and Whites in there. I am not Prejudiced, my first love was Mexican, my best friends are Mexicans. The reason we moved to Nebraska was not to get away from Hispanics but because I inherited a house, free house= my family is moving TYVM. We could not buy a home in California, even in a bad neighborhood and we wanted to own a home.

Now, I am going to say this to all my readers, DO NOT put words in my mouth. DO NOT assume you know me or my life, my experiences or what I do or do not know. I have lived in areas that most of you will never know and until you go to them and spend some time (more then a few minutes or hours) then just read my words. If you don't agree with them you can write to me and NICELY ask questions it is possible I did not word my thoughts correctly or in the way I wanted them to be perceived. If this is the case I will correct my errors. I do  not believe this is the case with this woman. I think she has issues herself and that she in her ignorance assumed too much.