Thursday, December 15, 2011

Places I Get My Shop On

I like Froobi because not only do I get a good deal when I purchase from them but I also
get Swagbucks!  But they have a 5.00 per item shipping fee and sometimes that makes the deal
not so good so you have watch that! Every day they have 2 deals here is todays:

Calvin Klein Coffret Set for Women by Calvin Klein Gift Set this set is  19.99+5.00 s&h
1 CT Black CZ Solitaire Sterling Silver Earrings

These Earrings are 6.99 +5.00 s&h

I also LOVE and have bought a lot from them they normally also charge 5.00
per item to ship. However unlike Froobi they do have specials where they ship for free and sometimes
they offer totally 100% free items and I have gotten them also. I have never had an issue with my purchases or items shipped by this company and I have bought high priced items. But this companies customer service is
not accessible in any way other then email.

They have sister sites like Ben's outlet which I am not so fond of...however all their items ship for free .I have not lost money on this company ever .

Like Froobi has daily deals but unlike Froobi this site offers you several
Here are my favorites in todays deals:

Bluetooth Headset Samsung Bluetooth 19.99 with FREE Shipping

HD Car Radio car radio 29.99+5.00 S&H
Heart Pendant Diamond set in silver necklace 12.99+5.00 S&H, WOW! just started a new section which also changes daily called flash , in it they have collections of items today it is Braun electric razors and accessories for them.I rarely see anything in this area I want it is higher priced items and I have never purchased from it. It is truly a good thing that I am so poor and can not buy everything I like because, you would see me on hoarders for sure....

YaySave is another of my favorites. I like them because if you watch and know your prices you can get a great deal and you can get Swagbucks also.But the thing about this company is you have to know what they will give you Swagbucks for. I learned that this is an extremely honest company, my first purchase came with 500 Swagbucks. I got the items but not the Swag$$ but I was happy with my purchase and wondered if I indeed
ordered the correct items to gain the swag dollars.A few weeks passed and I got an email saying they had been trying to locate my Swag account so they could give me the $$. I had used a different email to purchase from them and they could not find me with it! WOOT!
With YaySave  like the previous two companies they charge to ship however with this company you can join their club and pay a yearly fee and all your shipping is free, or you can stay a free member and pay 5.00 per order (the whole order ships for 5.00 no matter how big it is!). If you buy over $100.00 worth of items (easy to do...) your shipping is free. These are not specials on shipping this is their everyday thing. I am also always getting notices from them about special incentives with Swagbucks to get me back in there. I do order from them when I want to stock up on paper products and I am not needing them like TODAY because face it, with the price of gas if I can get them to send me a huge box of stuff for 5.00 S&H, get Swagbucks and not have to drive anywhere, walk around the store hunting what I want. It is a WIN for me!

Todays deals I like:
140 count Bounty Napkins, White, 140 ct  1.65 a pack
( I usually get 4 or 5 of them at this price and I never run out!)

Charmin Ultra Strong Bath Tissue (88 Sheet, 2-Ply, 4 pack)$1.88 for a 4 roll pack!
Scott Bath Tissue, White (1000 Sheets) 78 cents each! I am a Scott lover and have been since I was 18. Why? Because it is
affordable. Unlike the softer 2 ply TPs which seem to run out really fast. Scott doesn't you really get value
and on a tight budget this is a dollar saver! My family doesn't like it so much but it gets the job done if you get my drift! Also I think it is kind of chic to have your TP individually wrapped when you have company.

Kleenex Facial Tissue, White (200 Sheet, 2-Ply) 1.75 per 200 count box

Puffs Plus, Regular, 2-Ply (6 Boxes, 72ct)  6-72 count boxes of Puffs Plus $5.39!

Tide 2X, Original (16 Loads, 25oz) 16 loads 4.95 Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Fresh Scent (35ct)35 count 2.40!
They have  diapers and all sorts of stuff on this site. Drawback...I don't think they take manufacturer coupons which would be a Kaaaching on this site. The problem would be how would they get it , you would have to mail it in and that would delay your order. But I wrote them about codes to see if they accept them. Because they are digital. But like I said before when I order from this company I buy a large amount to make it worth my while and I love them.

I spoke about Swagbucks and some of you may not know what that is.
  basically is a search engine like Google only when you search on their site you can earn Swagbucks  (digital dollars) which you can trade for prizes. It is super easy to earn the points, buy making purchases, completing surveys, performing searches,watching for their daily codes, playing games , watching short videos and responding to various advertising they promote.Why would you want to join? Well I collect my points and use them to purchase things and I have also traded them for $5.00 gift cards for Amazon.

Here are a few things I got for FREE because of Swagbucks
12 Pack. Compatible Brother LC-61 Cartridges. Includes Cartridges for 3ea LC-61 of each Color Black Cyan Magenta Yellow.
 for my Brother Printer(which I bought on 1saleaday)

Product DetailsUltrasonic Jewelry & Eyeglass Cleaner(retail 99.99 Amazon 26.55~ I can't remember what I paid)
Product DetailsPink Wii Racing Wheel I paid 3.99 they are a tad more now

Product Details Brother Backster LX-570  Multi-Finisher Laminator 17.00

Yesterday I purchased something that retails for 30.00 but I paid 19.95 with free shipping. Christmas is in a few days so I know you will understand when I say I can't tell you what it is.And I still have lots of money sitting there. I am sort of saving for something really good for me like a Kindle or some other reader.

However add it all up. All this and the shipping was Free paid for with credit I earned on Swagbucks. Okay I think this is an avenue I need to pursue on my blog. If you want to check them out use these links Swagbucks
If you don't have an account yet and you sign up using these links when you earn so will I, which I appreciate.
I can post notification when there are codes out there. Now while I can not tell you what the codes are I can help you find them and give you hints. There are cheat sites that will give you the codes but if you get caught using them, they will close your account, no second chances. So tell me what you think about this.