Wednesday, December 14, 2011

OrigAudio Volcano Speaker Review

The Volcano
Sound Power That Erupts
I really am super excited about this review. I received a Volcano Speaker from OrigAudio Distribution
I had seen their video on it and was really impressed. Still you never know what something is going to do until you get it and try it for yourself.

The Volcano comes with a 2 in one cord , it is a USB cord so you can plug it into your computer and charge it up. It is also the audio cord that you use to plug it into your equipment. It is really convenient to have only one cord because there is less bulk and stuff to bother with all the time. If you are like me you have so many cords you can not remember where they all go anymore. I know we have a HUGE box filled with mystery cords. So to not have a power cord, USB cord and audio cord was SWEET!

The Volcano has a built in rechargeable battery and all you have to do is plug it into one of your USB ports on your computer and leave it there for two hours to charge it. You get up to 10 hours of play time on that single charge! WOOT ! To operate it after you charge it you, move the switch to on and turn the top counter clockwise to open it up.
                                                             closed                     open
                    On the bottom there is a cord you can use to connect multiple speakers together!
And you can use that wire to connect the speaker to your equipment which means.... less fuss and more portability! WINNNNN!
So I charged it up and plugged it in to my MP3 player and boy was I blown away. The dynamics of this speaker
is impressive to say the least. I used this speaker on my MP3 player, my CD Player, my portable DVD player, my daughters lap top and my desk top. Not once did this speaker let me down.  I took it in the car for a two hour drive and it worked flawlessly. Not only that but I put it on my dash in the car, the volcano  has little rubber pads on the bottom that kept it from sliding around while I was driving.

This is an excellent gift for any one on your list this Christmas, actually it is a great gift for any occasion.
This speaker is so small and compact that you can put it in anything and take it anywhere.

Rarely do I absolutely love something as completely as I love this speaker.

OrigAudio has offered my readers a 15% discount and I am using it to get another one. If one is this great I can't wait to hear how two sound! You can order yours by either emailing Jason or calling him at 917-578-2846 be sure to let him know that Bloggity Blog referred you so you get that discount!

Disclaimer: OrigAudio provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I obligated in providing a positive review in exchange for a free sample or discounts. All opinions are my own.