Friday, December 16, 2011

My Visit to Eden

My thoughts on Eden 
I have to admit that when I went to Eden Fantasy I was a little apprehensive. I thought that they were a strictly an adult toy store (they specialize in adult products) however to my surprise they do sell a lot of other products. But please know that they are an adult item store so if you browse their site keep that in mind if you have children around (unless you want to be addressing questions like whats that and why does it look like that). My blog is a family friendly blog so I will never host any giveaways nor post any articles based on those types of items. Also, my posts will not be reviews of products because they are not sending me things to try out or giveaway. I will be writing to you from time to time about various articles, clubs and mom friendly products that catches my eye. For example recipes, beauty products, articles I read and lingerie. I have to say that I am pretty excited to be able to write some articles about this site and I believe that in any relationship some of these products are important and it is nice to be able to shop for what you want in the privacy of your own home with out the worry of weird pop ups ,virus attacks on your computer or strange men staring at your purchase choices.

When my son was in high school he discovered the world of nastiness and got mired into a site that just would not go away. When I logged in all sorts of ugliness popped up on my screen and as I tried to click off the site I saw things that are branded in my mind forever, I don't care to ever revisit anything like that again. Back then we only had one computer and for a while I had to sit with him to ensure that he would not wander into the dark side again ( Nothing like being 16 with Mommy sitting next to you to make sure you behave).On Eden Fantasy you won't see nudity it is a safe non vulgar site where you pick the places you go, read and see.

When I went to check out their club section. I found that they have a cooks club with some wonderful recipes, I am a recipe nut. I rarely cook the same thing the same way twice I love to have an adventure in the kitchen. So when I browsed that section I found an array of great recipes and a surprise, it was for home made mustard. Have you ever made your own condiments? I used to make ketchup all the time and years ago I tried and failed at mayonnaise (it doesn't have much in it but it's also not as easy as it may seem) and at the time store bought mayo was pretty affordable. I have made chutney and other relishes but I never thought of making my own mustard. This seems to be a fairly easy recipe and even though it calls for salt I think I may try making a salt free version, I enjoy mustard on a number of things and this would ensure that I can keep on enjoying it with my salt free diet. Plus I love horseradish and I can put some of that in to make my own special mixes, sounds like a win to me.

As I read a little more I found Eden Cooks Club  which is a cooking club for like minded people. This club meets once a month and will be meeting next on Monday December 18 in their forum
They are going to be giving away a couple of gift cards during their meeting so if you are free and want to check it out you can find them in the forum at 8 P.M.. EST (that's 7.P.M. Central and 5 P.M. Pacific time).

Disclaimer: Eden Fantasy did not give me any samples or gifts to review. They have offered incentives in the form of gift cards should I post positive reviews of their site, products and services. Even so all opinions, words and thoughts are my own. I will never say anything that I do not believe in exchange for any rewards.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store This link is to Eden Fantasys home page which does show adult items~~~~~~~~~