Sunday, December 11, 2011

I got a weird bite

I sat in the basement watching movies and doing my kids laundry the other day.
Then I noticed a weird bruise on my leg with a white circle in it.
Then last night I noticed it was larger and it hurt.
My kids said it was a spider bite so I put some peroxide on it and now today it is really weird looking!

I may be going to the doctor.....

Okay because of all the feedback I went to the emergency room to 
have the bite checked and the Doctor said there was nothing to be concerned with
and that if there was I would have had red streaks up my leg with a lot more pain and other symptoms.
I am on an antibiotic which should take care of the infection, other then that I seem to be good to go!
Thank you all so much for your feed back and advice.I have to admit I was a little nervous
because I have never had anything that looked like this before. Apparently there is a common
spider that gives these type of bites also and unlike the hobo and the recluse this one is not
as lethal.