Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Caught On Tape

Yesterday I received a box so squashed I was unsure if the contents were going to be okay.
So today when I saw a report by CNN on it, I was not surprised. But take a look at what I found on
youtube on Fed Ex, UPS and DHL the leading delivery services.

Ups is no better

What happened to the customer is right.
I know the man is being a little in your face but the UPS guy had no
business or right to be rude and yes he was rude.
Apparently this man was home but UPS won't ring the doorbell anymore.
We had a $400.00 item go missing off our porch while we were home in -2 degree weather
but they said I got it..... yeah right. It took me 6 months to get a replacement..

And if you look there are videos of U.S. postal workers and DHL doing the same thing. Although there seems to be more of the Fed Ex and UPS then the others.

I had to put a great big red sign on my door because my packages were disappearing, 
and I am always home.It says. 
Always Ring The Doorbell
Someone IS home.
Never leave a package unattended without 
ringing the doorbell first.
Someone is stealing my parcels!
I have this because I want them to ring the bell and I want the thief to know I am on to them(I have my suspicions).I have the sweetest mail man in the world and he had me put the same sign on the mail box so other mail carriers will be sure to see it.The signs make me feel like a crabby old lady and I have 2 big red signs on the front of my house which is pretty UGH. We have lived here 17 years and now we have issues and you know what, the UPS guy leaves packages at the side door because he is too lazy to go to the stairs a few feet away and  while there has been an increase of doorbell usage, UPS won't ring my doorbell. A word of warning to you if you are a delivery person, Remember the golden rule, treat others as you would want them to treat you. Deliver the packages with respect because people paid their hard earned money for them, and you get paid plenty to deliver them correctly, it could get worse you could get fired, If that isn't enough...more and more people are investing in security cameras.I now have them, I am wanting to catch a thief... lol